Todd Sullivan
10851 N. 44th St.  Phoenix, AZ 85028

Web developer with 9 years Web Developer experience, with proficiencies in the following areas:
 ·   E-commerce Initiatives  ·   Site design - technical to graphical
 ·   Site Navigation/Usability  ·   Browser Compatibility
 ·   SQL/Database Access  ·   Flash Experience
 ·   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  ·   Email Campaigns
 ·   Merchandising Expertise  ·   Project Management

Webmaster -
PatchLink Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ July '04 - Present
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Responsibilities: Responsible for all development, functionality and maintenance of, the corporate site of PatchLink, Inc, a security software firm located in Scottsdale, AZ. Converted previously HTML based site to be dynamically driven using ASP and SQL Server 2000. Some key projects included developing a login based Partner Portal, a web based content management system for updating the site, as well as responsibity of all Google Adwords/SEO functionality ("Patch Management" ranked No. 1 in natural search).

Technologies: ASP, MS SQL, IIS 6.0, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Google Adwords.

Web Developer, Principal
Marumba, LLC, Phoenix, AZ September '94 - Present
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Responsibilities: As an independent contractor, currently developing websites ranging from full-blown E-commerce packages to Information portals, using various languages. Unless noted, created and coded entire site, including design of logo. A full list or URL's as well as site designs can be found under the 'Portfolio section of'. Demonstrations of all these features are available upon request.

Technologies: Cold Fusion, ASP, JSP, SQL Server 2000, Access, IIS 6.0, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Google Adwords.

Lead Web Developer - Partner Integration
Vcommerce Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ September '99 - December '03
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Responsibilities: Formerly known as Vstore, responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Vstore/Vcommerce eCommerce storefronts. Was also responsible for the integration of clients, both integrated and hosted to ensure the correct functionality of the system. Finally, was responsible for all aspects of the two corporate sites, and

Technologies: Propritery JAVA based site building language, JAVA, JSP, Oracle, PostgreSQL, HTML, DHTML, Javascript.

Senior Web Developer
Insight Corporation, Tempe, AZ September '97 - September '99
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Responsibilities: In charge of all maintenance and additions for, the e-commerce site of the computer reseller Insight. Using a propritary site building language, responsible for updating the site to support over 10,000 computer products, and over multi-million dollar sales.

Technologies: Propritery MS BASIC based site building language, Oracle, HTML, DHTML, Javascript.

 James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
 ·   Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Decisions Sciences Degree, May 1991. Production/Operations Management Concentration.
 ·   APICS certification: Just-In-Time (JIT), Material/Capacity Requirements Planning certified.
 ·   Sun Educational Services -- Java Programming Language SL-275
 ·   Interface Technical Training -- Developing Microsoft ASP .NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET 2310

 ·   HTML/DHTML/JavaScript/CSS  ·   Cold Fusion/JSP/ASP/WAP  ·   Basic JAVA and .NET
 ·   MS SQL 2000/PostGres/Oracle  ·   DTS/Stored Procedures/Views  ·   Intranet/Internet security
 ·   SEO Principals  ·   Google Adword  ·   Adobe Photoshop
 ·   Macromedia Flash  ·   Browser Compatibility  ·   Web Architecture
Available Upon Request

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